Chicago Bears – The Second Greatest Team in NFL History

History often makes things seem different. Some countries say one thing, others say another. In sports, history is often, and unfortunately so, decided by the results. For example, one team won and the other one must be bad for it, right? So all spots fans wish for their team to get the best score. Many of them support their team and have fun on Watching the matches unfold, however, makes us see that things are never as cut and dry, especially if the opposition was fierce and on point. 

In the NFL, there are plenty of amazing teams. Recently, however, published their list of the best ever NFL teams, meaning the best in the entire history of the NFL. The Chicago Bears were named the second-best team in the NFL history. Why second-best, though?

The First Team in the NFL History

The best team on the list are the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Why that year? Well, it was the year when they didn’t take a single loss. They are the only team in NFL history to have a perfect season. That is quite an achievement, which wasn’t made by any other team. Some argue that the 1973 version, which also won the Super Bowl, was the better one, but history doesn’t seem to agree, as the 1973 version did not go without a loss. With that in mind, there is another reason that the 1985 Bears team is the second-best. It lost a single game to the Dolphins.

Second-Best is Still Amazing

The second-best teams, the pride of Chicago, the Bears, had an amazing year in 1985. They were known for their great defense, most popularly consisted of Mike Singletary, Wilber Marshall and Otis Wilson. It was called the 46 defense and was until 2013 the only defense to have a really high score. It was reached in 2013 by the Seattle Seahawks. 

But, a good defense doesn’t win you games. You need to have a good offense and that they did have. Jim McMahon was their quarterback at the time and he played great the entire season. They demolished the Patriots in the Super Bowl finals with a score of 46 to 10.

2011 Obama White House Visit

The team visited the White House in 2011 and had a talk with then president, Barack Obama. He named them the greatest NFL team to have ever played, the 1985 edition of the team. He also said that that might get him in trouble when visiting other cities. Also notable was that he questioned his own words when hosting the 1972 Dolphins, which did have a perfect season, meaning that they were undefeated. Regardless, the then president being a Bears fan was a treat, especially for the 1985 squad.

Being the best or second-best team in history probably doesn’t mean much to the fans of the Chicago Bears. They will follow their favorite team, wherever they go, hoping that they have a great defense once again and that their offense is as good as the 1985 version, if not better.