Museums You Must Visit in Chicago

Chicago is a city which has a lot to show to the visitor, and even its own citizens. A city that large and with such a rich history often has more than just an entertaining night life to offer. Besides the obvious sights which you usually find out about just prior to visiting a large city, you also have a history and culture, both distant and recent to discover. Chicago is one of those cities which has a bit of everything for you, but also a lot of history and culture. The best place to find history and culture is a museum. Luckily, Chicago has plenty of those and here are the ones which you should definitely visit.

The Museum of Science and Industry

Now, this is a rather special museum, it being the largest museum of its kind in the Western hemisphere. That is saying a lot, since there are many museums in the world, specifically in the western part. The Museum of Science and Industry, locally known as MSI, is home to some interesting relics, submarines from World War II, as well as multiple other interesting projects, some a bit more recent. There are simulations of all kinds of weather phenomena, so you can experience some of the most dangerous natural occurrences without actually coming to harm.

The Field Museum

If science, or rather, specific types of science are not your deal, then the Field Museum should have what you might want. It is home to all sorts of objects from natural history, meaning bones and tombs, mummies and generally, humans and animals from long ago. Yes, there are plenty of t-rex models there, or rather, complete fossils of rather large dinosaurs. There is a mammoth, as well, not to mention mummies. You choose the time period, you’ll likely find an exhibit there. 

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

It is often called the MCA, and it holds some of the most thought provoking exhibitions, including works of Andy Warhol. It is also the place where all the artists converge and discuss new ideas or comment existing pieces of art. If you want to engage in lively conversations, this is the place to be, as well as see art from multiple time periods.

Chicago History Museum

This museum is for those who want that piece and quiet and be as far away from people as possible. Discovering Chicago’s history and that of local areas is what you can expect in this museum, as well as fewer people than you would find in the 3 ones mentioned above.

Chicago is a city bursting with culture and history. The best way to experience some of it is by visiting these museums.