Nightlife in Chicago – What to Do When Evening Falls

Visiting a new city means that people will be spending days visiting museums and sights, and drinking coffee and having fun on sites like when taking a break. When evening comes, people should be doing something else, exploring various dance clubs and other clubs with all kinds of music. That being said, some people prefer a quiet dinner somewhere, or a not-so quiet one with live music.

Chicago has a lot to offer and being the city that it is, you can expect to find a little bit of everything there, something for everyone’s taste in nights out. Here is what you can do in Chicago during the night, or rather, which places are worth visiting.

Tao Chicago

This is a restaurant, but more than that. The first floor is a restaurant which serves Asian food, or rather, food inspired by Asian cuisine. The second floor is where you go if you want to party. The difference in the mood is amazing. One is quieter and great for a solid meal, while the other has a huge disco ball and large murals watching over you. The dance floor can fit around a thousand so be ready for a lot of people. The fees can be a bit on the high side, especially when more popular names are playing or performing.


This club has always been the lair for the strange and socially awkward or different. They also love playing 80s music, especially Madonna and Prince. On a more serious note, this club used to play a lot of German music during its inception, but has since expanded to play a little bit of everything. It is also a very good place to visit for anybody part of the LGBT community.


70s all day long, right? If you like 70s music, especially disco and soul music, with a little bit of funk, then this eponymous club should do the trick for you. They embody disco in its essence, with a very interesting dance floor which completely lights up, not to mention the tons of disco balls and mirrors. It is definitely a club for those who love the more glamorous side of the 70s. 

The Underground

What used to be a bunker is now a club which is often visited by famous people. This means that the fee is rather expensive, especially when a bigger name is playing. But, for those who love being seen and hopefully, seen with someone famous, this is the club to visit. Oh, and the music is great.

Chicago has something for everyone. For those who want to dance or have a quiet night out in a restaurant, here are the top locations to visit. Have fun!