Sports Events in Chicago – Which Events to Visit

Chicago is a very large city. With that in mind, you can do almost all sports here, golf, hockey, ice hockey, football, soccer, sailing, swimming, diving, everything, and anything, on water, ice or grass, even on a horse. Yes, you can play plenty of sports in Chicago, without even mentioning basketball or the legendary Chicago Bulls. But, what about visiting sports events in Chicago? Are there any events to visit, especially annual events which you can visit on a regular basis? You know, like the Kentucky Derby. Yes, there are a couple of events worth mentioning, which a sports fan would probably want to see and maybe even bet on after completing Bet9ja Registration.

Chicago Wolves Games – Ice Hockey

Every single year, the Chicago Wolves play in the Central Division of the Western Conference. In case it needs to be stated, they are an ice hockey professional team who play in the AHL. The AHL is the American Hockey League and serves as a development league for the NHL. Regardless of that, the Wolves have many passionate fans and whenever they play on home turf, the Allstate Arena, tons of fans come together to watch them play. That happens multiple times annually, so be on the lookout if you like ice hockey.

Chicago Bulls Games – Basketball

The Chicago Bulls, you say that name and immediately you think, Michael Jordan, right? The Bulls are an NBA team, one of the legendary ones. While they do not have the most titles, they have a fan base which is as passionate as that of the winningest teams. They have fierce rivalries with the Knicks, Cavaliers, Pistons and Heat. When they play at the United Arena, an arena which they share with another team, they often draw much attention and press. The Bulls’ last championship victory was in 1998. That was a long time ago, yet they still aren’t giving up and neither are their fans.

Chicago Blackhawks Games – Ice Hockey

The Blackhawks are the team which shares United Arena with the Bulls. They play in the NHL and like the Wolves, draw attention, albeit a lot more. The top tier leagues are always more popular than the lower ones, unless an iconic match is being played. Their last Stanley Cup victory was in the 2014/2015 season. While they haven’t won the Stanley Cup since then, they remain a competitive team, providing fans with entertainment and action on the rinks. 

Ice hockey and basketball matches are what you can expect to see in Chicago multiple times, every single year. They will, for the first time in over thirty years, be hosting the NBA All-Stars in early 2020, so make sure to schedule that if you’re planning on visiting Chicago.