The Best Casinos in Chicago

If you ask people what type of entertainment they prefer, many would say they have fun betting, whether they bet with their friends on who will win a match, or even simpler things, like who will be the first to go when the traffic lights turn green. People gamble when purchasing lottery tickets and when playing bingo. Sports betting is also gambling, but so is playing poker with your friends, if you invest actual money (albeit poker requires a lot of skill, it still has an element of luck, meaning the cards that you are dealt). But, gambling requires firstly to be legal, if you want to gamble at all, then it has to have certified places where you can gamble, for example, casinos or sportsbooks. Luckily for the people of Chicago and those visiting the city, there are plenty of casinos and sportsbooks in the area. Here are the best casinos in Chicago.

Arlington Park – Casino and Racecourse

Both a casino and a racecourse, you can do a little bit of everything here. It is one of the oldest racecourses in the area, but organizing competition with thoroughbred horses since 1927. The grass is gorgeous and there are things aplenty to do besides just betting on which horse will win. The casino has a really nice restaurant which offers good meals, as well as accommodation. If you are planning on spending time in Chicago, Arlington Park has almost everything you might want, if you are fond of gambling.

Harrah’s Joliet Casino

Joliet is the name of the neighborhood in which you can find the casino, one bursting with history. The casino itself is rather entertaining, but in a place which you will find more soothing than invigorating. A calm mind is prone to making better decisions, so for new gamblers, this might be the best choice. Table games, slot machines it has everything you want from a casino. You also have access to a bar, restaurant and even shower rooms.

Harrah’s Metropolis

If you’re not in need of just a casino, but a bit more, then the Metropolis should suffice. The Joliet Casino has a lot of slots, and properly themed ones, at that. But the Metropolis has much more. It is also larger and is a hotel, so you can also plan your accommodation. It has everything a hotel and casino needs to have, table games, lots of slots, a bar, as well as hotel rooms. The dining is also quite good.

Rivers Casino Chicago

Its name isn’t Chicago, though, but it is located in Chicago, with its other siblings also being located throughout the US. A popular theme among Chicago casinos is a competitive slots environment. Each and every of those casinos, at least the better ones, have lots of slots, for those who love spinning the lever and waiting for lady luck to smile. It also has table games, as well. 

These are Chicago’s best casinos. You should visit them if you are in Chicago and like to gamble. Do remember to gamble responsibly.