The Most Iconic Sports Venues in Chicago – The Sports Venues You Must Visit

As far as cities go, Chicago has it all, from tall buildings, the second-tallest in the United States, to a river which flows backwards, for practical purposes. Large as it is, it is home to some very interesting sights like Navy Pier and Grant Park, which is full of other, smaller sights.

What Chicago also has is lots of sports venues, or rather, stadiums, which are arguably the most popular type of sports venues. These attract lots of sport fans from all across the United States, who are ready to cheer for their favorite team, and who even like placing a few bets to have fun and show support for their favorites – be it football, baseball, or Cricket betting. Home to the Bulls, Wolves and Blackhawks, among other clubs and sports, Chicago has lots of sports venues for you to visit, and here are the best among them, in no particular order.

United Center

This is the largest venue in the United States. Financed by two teams, the Chicago Bulls of the NBA and the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL, the United Center was built in 1994 and serves as a permanent home to both teams. Not only that, but it also has a humongous statue of Michael Jordan in front, with his iconic number, 23. The Bulls retired that number in 1994.

The arena has everything and hosts almost all events, from the NBA and NHL games, meaning basketball and ice hockey, to rock concerts. There were political conventions there, as well as a circus act. The arena is a must visit if you want to see a piece of local history.

Wrigley Field

People love basketball and ice hockey but they also really love baseball, at least in the United States. Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs, a team which plays in the MLB. The stadium is really old, dating back to 1914. It is still in its original location, albeit its shape has changed over the years. The Cubs won their World Series in 2016, which marked the year when their 108 winningless streak ended. It is, like most of these arenas, very close to Lake Michigan, so if you’re feeling that urge to see open water, or at least, lots of water, then you wouldn’t have to go too far.

Allstate Arena

Home to the Chicago Wolves, a team which plays in the American Hockey League, the Allstate Arena was there since 1980. Its opening was celebrated with a Fleetwood Mac concert. That is one way to open an arena. It is worth noting that you can order pretty interesting drinks while watching ice hockey games here. There are more events going on in this arena, like concerts and other gatherings. Hockey games are, however, the most frequent of events.

Wintrust Arena

Built in 2017, it is the peak of modern architecture. It hosts around 10,000 people, give or take and is home to the Chicago Sky, a WNBA team. Basketball games are a frequent event at this arena, but you can also find concerts here, as you could in all the other arenas. 

These are Chicago’s best sports venues. You should consider visiting them the next time you are in Chicago.