Things NOT to Do in Chicago

When traveling, people find themselves in different cities or countries, even. Tradition might be different over there, and that means that culture will most certainly be different. For regular people, that means that they might make mistakes along the way, offending somebody. But, that is something you often get acquainted with prior to traveling to another country. With that in mind, traveling to a specific city requires specific knowledge.

Chicago is rather specific so here are a couple of things you shouldn’t do in Chicago.

Do not Visit During Winter – Unless You Like Cold 

Chicago is called the Windy City. Can you guess why? Even though it is not the windiest city in the United States, the winters can get really cold and really snowy. Unless you like traffic jams or really cold weather, you should visit Chicago anywhere from March to mid-October. It tends to get colder in November and by December, you might even be facing snowstorms.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

The city has its reputation, it’s often alive and it changes. People are afraid of South Side, for example. Stories have been told, but people often listen to legends and stories and are not checking facts. The University of Chicago has been there since forever, so if students like it there, tourists will most certainly enjoy. That also goes for other areas, especially sticking to the most famous monuments or museums. Chicago has so many things to offer, so do not be afraid to go off the beaten ultra popular tourist path.’

‘Avoid Expensive Chain Hotels

There are plenty of hotels in Chicago and like any major city, there are popular brands, let’s call them. Chicago has plenty of branded hotels which earn lots of money, regardless. But, Chicago also has design hotels, which were made to look rather interesting, to fit a specific theme, period or culture, even. Look them up and you will most certainly spend your time somewhere where creativity was unleashed.

Art is Everywhere – Don’t Stick to the Famous Museums and Monuments

Chicago has lots of great architecture, as well as plenty of museums, but people often visit the Art Institute of Chicago or the SkyDeck in the Willis Tower (the second-tallest building in the United States). Instead, visit the other museums, like the Museum of Contemporary Art and take boat tours to get to know the Chicago architecture. There are other ways of getting to know a city, its culture is not always best embodied by the most popular sights, but rather the people.

Don’t Try Only the Popular Specials

Food and drink, both are important. Chicago has many specialties, but you shouldn’t just stick to them, as there are plenty of local chefs and brewers. Take your time to explore the local cuisine, but again, not by just sticking to the popular, iconic meals and drinks, which you are likely to find outside Chicago, as well.

These are a couple of things you should avoid when visiting Chicago.