Things to Know Before Visiting Chicago for the First Time

When you travel abroad, whether to another country or another city, you should know what to do and how to behave, just as you should go through Betway Introduction before placing a bet. There are plenty of things which you should know when visiting another country, for example, how to behave and whether doing or wearing something might insult people.

However, visiting a different city might not be that dramatic, or rather, you won’t need to change your clothing choice completely, except to match the weather. With that in mind, if you are planning on visiting Chicago, here are a couple of things which you should know before going there for the first time.

Hot Dogs are Different There

Chicago has a long tradition of not using ketchup on their hot dogs. Instead, they offer you mustard. But, they also do things differently, they use pickles, peppers and most importantly, freshly chopped onions. Why onions, you might ask? Well, it is because Chicago is a city named after onions, a plant which the French called chicagoua, which was their version of shikaakwa, a native name for that plant. That is an origin story if there was ever one.

Avoid Visiting in Winter – Unless You Really Like the Cold

Chicago has a couple of interesting nicknames, like the Windy City. Another fan favorite is Chilberia. Those should be indicative of why you shouldn’t visit during winter time unless you really like to spend your time in cold weather where a piercing wind is trying to cut through your jacket or coat. And Chicago is not even the windiest city in the United States, not even close.

Eating, eating and More Eating

Chicago has a very rich culture regarding food. The hot dog is only the start of it. Chicago has so many different things which you should try, especially their versions of a pizza. There are plenty of competing pizzerias so your choice should be abundant. There are also many specialties made with meat which should make the carnivore visitors happy. Though, note that there are vegan and vegetarian specialties, as well.

More Than the Famous Sights – A Rich History

Chicago is more than the 3 or 4 famous monuments and museums you might have heard of. By taking your time to explore the city, you will find more interesting details about its history and culture, which will make your visit that much more enjoyable. Exploring the city also enables you to find more local cuisine.

Swimming is Possible – Lake Michigan is Amazing

The shores of Chicago, or rather, Lake Michigan, have a wonderful turquoise color. You can swim in this lake, at all times, if you love the cold, but realistically from late June to September, maybe. The lake is calm and amazing, and the city itself has 27 beaches.

Chicago has plenty of things to offer the visitor, from architectural boat tours to the blues. Food, a really large lake, you name it, they have it. It also has plenty of mysteries which are best left to the future explorer.