Things You Can See and Do Only in Chicago

Some cities in the world are known by their monuments. In Rome, you can find the Colosseum. In Paris, you can find the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. In London, you can find the Big Ben. Almost every city in the world has something which makes it iconic, which you cannot find elsewhere.

It is also like that in the United States. New York has Manhattan, San Francisco has the Golden Gate bridge, every movie’s favorite bridge to destroy, and Chicago? Well, Chicago has plenty of things you can see, and plenty of things which you can do only there.

Here is a list of special things you can see and do in Chicago.

Eat at the Original Portillo’s

You know Portillo’s, the food chain of Italian sandwiches, well, now a lot of different sandwiches, which is all over California, Illinois and Arizona, as well as Indiana? Oh, you don’t? Well, Dick Portillo opened the original Portillo’s, called The Dog House, in Chicago, in 1963.

It is still around and still serves lots of juicy food. The first Dog House was a trailer, a rather small one, without water, well, running water, or a bathroom. It upgraded to a building in 1967, and it got a new name, Portillo’s. 

Bridges – Lots of Moving Bridges

Chicago is also known for being the city with the most moving bridges out of all the cities in the world. Some say that there are forty of them, others say that there are 37 of them. Whichever number you pick, it is still the most of any in the world and if you like watching boats pass by or watching bridges rise, then you will love Chicago.

Plenty of Old and New Skyscrapers

Chicago has a bit of everything, but lots of buildings, and not just any kind, but really tall and sometimes, scary skyscrapers. If you have a fear of heights, you might want to stay away from these buildings. There are a couple of interesting buildings in Chicago, most notably the Corn Cob twins, a pair of apartment buildings built in the 60s. Another important building you might want to remember is the Willis Tower, the second-tallest building in the United States, second only to the new One World Trade Center.

The Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate is a piece of art, well, it’s a rather large piece of art, made out of stainless steel. It reflects everything, but mostly the city skyline, meaning buildings and the sky. It is located in Millenium Park. It is one of the largest works of art of that type. If you want to see it, you know where to look, and you can hardly miss it.

The Tribune Tower – A Unique Skyscraper

This building is a bit different from the rest, in that it was built, or rather, its foundation, was built from stones which were used to build many other interesting landmarks, like the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids in Giza, not to mention Notre Dame. It housed various things during its many years, mostly museums.

These are the many things you can see and do in Chicago and only in Chicago. There are plenty other interesting mysteries to uncover so get ready to explore!