Top Sports Teams in Chicago

Every city is known for something, either monuments, their culture, or something entirely different, like having sports teams which are or were dominant in their respective sports.

Chicago has everything, a beautiful skyline, a complete climate which can be hot and cold, a lot of tourists, architecture, culture, great food, history, as well as plenty of great sports teams whom you can bet on using Betfair promo code. Of all the sports teams, these are the best, or rather, the most popular.

Chicago Bulls – Basketball

They need no introduction, but for the sake of the team, we’ll give them one. The team was there since 1966 and were in the NBA that same year. They had plenty of success but their most notable run was in the 1990s, when Michael Jordan was on the team. Jordan took the team to success multiple times, but also brought a lot of new fans to it. The team has struggled to win since, but it still has plenty of passionate fans. Their home arena is the United Center, which they share with a certain team from the NHL.

Chicago Blackhawks – NHL

The Blackhawks are the team which share the United Center with the Bulls. The Blackhawks play in the NHL and have done so since 1926, their founding year. They are one of the original six teams which made the NHL, back then. They won the Stanley Cup six times, the last one in 2015. They actually won 3 of them between 2010 and 2015, showing a supreme roster and management at the time. They used to be called the Black Hawks and changed their name in 1986 to their current name, the Blackhawks. 

Chicago Cubs – Baseball

They are by far one of the most popular sports teams in Chicago, and any fan of baseball will know of them, for they were one of the founding teams of the National League, one of the two leagues which make the Major League Baseball. The other league is the American League.

While they were with the NL since 1876, their founding, they got the name Cubs in 1903. They used to be called the White Stockings. An interesting fact is that they won the World Series in 1907 and 1908, but haven’t won the following 107 times. That means that their next World Series win came in 2016. That had to be a sad century for the Cubs fans, yet they pulled through and the team rewarded them with a victory.

These are the top sports teams in Chicago. There certainly are more, playing in other, minor leagues, as well as two more major clubs. The Chicago Bears play in the NFL and the Chicago Fire play in the MLS, meaning football and soccer, in that order.